Victoria, BC, Canada. It was the early millennial era, when the notorious Esquimalt jam spot was the testing and proving ground for such bands as UNLEASH THE ARCHERS, HORDE OF ANACHRON, ARCHON LEGION, HUNTING HUMANS and GREMORY (whose founding members would later form ARCHSPIRE.)

Beneath this metal guild, a dark, clandestine and somewhat pissed union emerged. Then, HORDE OF ANACHRON’s, dark, melodically obsessed rhythm guitar player, Matthew Barker (Beef) — and ARCHON LEGION’s driving old-school thrash drummer aficionado, Nick Rees — decided to take arms.

This was a reunion of sorts as the two had started their metal careers together in their high-school band “HIGH DECIBEL CHAOS” during the mid-90s. From this reunion spawned a new take on black metal and thrash metal. The goal was to adopt the style of crushingly overpowering black and death metal, with the head-banging back beats and schizophrenic drum fills of the thrash metal greats of the 80s.

Heeding this call to arms, a path was carved out, combined with all too many viewed conspiracy documentaries, occult readings and an awareness of fervently covered-up mind-expanding knowledge of today’s modern sciences — seemingly connected to a source code which has been symbolically represented in all major civilizations and their infrastructure. Since we, as humans could record such representations be it based on religion, or not so. Notwithstanding its eerie similarity — if not a complete identification — with the representative symbols of today’s power elite. And the realization or epiphany that the only way to not let it affect you, to fight back against the constant assault on the human psyche, begins with the power of one's inner will.

With a sound of defiance, a matured outlook, a tempered work ethic and esoteric symbology forming the blueprint — TRAITORR had manifested itself as the title of this band.

2011 — 4 songs were written, and a logo font was proofed. The TRAITORR design was then temporarily postponed while drummer Nick Rees pursued his education. HORDE OF ANACHRON had then subsequently disbanded. This freed up bass player, Matt Muzzerall (Zxul) to align with this cause, as Beef and Zxul had previous collaboration.

After a couple months of rehearsals and finalizing all the parts and harmonies for the original 4 songs, Nick had completed his courses and returned to jam full-time. Nick and Zxul had never previously met, yet each musician knew their parts to the dotted sixteenth note. The musicians rattled off the established works right from the first count, all the way through to the end, with no stops and no mistakes. The jam spot supervisor was dumbfounded that this line-up had never practiced as a complete ensemble before that. The band was not sure what to make of such a serendipitous moment, but one thing was for certain — they definitely had the core of a fucking band!

The position of a vocalist was made available, and aggressively pursued. Beef decided to track down Adrian Miles (Akylore) of former SEASONS OF SORROW involvement. Akylore attended the first live TRAITORR instrumental execution at Logan’s Pub on Boxing Day, 2011. Attracted to the esoteric idea of the mandate, Akylore gladly accepted the offer into the TRAITORR design. Despite the black metal, death metal, thrash metal and in some cases, progressive metal styles competing in this hybrid, Akylore was able to adapt these vocal styles to a cohesive narrative. With a deadline of April 14th, 2012 — Akylore managed to seal-and-stamp 4 songs for a full live execution.

Since then, many live executions and much development with regards to songwriting have transpired. The culmination of these efforts has finally reached the apex in the album, GLOBOMINATION — an alliance of defiance. After a subsequent hiatus in 2014, TRAITORR is now resurging with a vengeance. GLOBOMINATION is set for release, new material has been solidified, and there are no signs of stopping.